So, it all started on Vine, the 6 second video sharing app. Where I’ve made ridiculous short-form videos and have met some amazing people that have become some of my closest friends. Like many on Vine, I use it as a form of micro-blogging. Some people use it to display their art, whether that’s comedy or stop-motion, as well as a host of other amazing talents that are strategically crafted to fit within the parameters of 6 seconds. But for me, I just post whatever I’m feeling whenever I’m feeling it. If it’s a stupid joke that comes to me out of nowhere, I post it. If it’s something absurd that I noticed while I’m out, I post it. This leads me to the incarnation of Boogie and The Food. This idea came from me posting silly vines of me cooking, which ranges from breakfast sandwiches to burgers to fresh pasta.


After several “food” vines, people started commenting that I should start my own “food” account. I was skeptical at first, but after a few months, I finally did it! With the help Vine’s food channel, which highlights and showcases some of the most popular vines about food, I was able to garner a small following (which has never really been my goal in terms of Vine). But with that following, people started asking more and more for my recipes and suggesting I start a cooking channel on YouTube. And just as I was skeptical about making a “food” vine account, I was skeptical about making a YouTube cooking channel since that niche is so saturated. I figured the culinary YouTube world doesn’t need another wanna-be chef taking up its server space. But request after request for my recipes came in, and after several VM (Vine messages) of going into great detail of how I make my fried chicken, I finally decided to go for it!

So, here I am– in the formative stages of kickstarting this project. I’ve decided to go full force with it, covering as many bases as I can, social media-wise: Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and of course YouTube. Due to certain life issues, it will take a little time to get it started, but everything is coming into place. Soon, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned through years of working in the restaurant world, what I’ve learned from family, friends, books, trial-and-error/horrific experiences, and of course, what I’ve learned from YouTube. Hopefully, if you are interested, you’ll come along for the ride.

Keep an eye out for Boogie and The Food! In the meantime, click HERE to check out my Food Blog!!

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