Mainstreem – Reminiscence of Llife

Here is the first version of “Reminiscence of Llife”. I was very satisfied with the outcome, as it was my first full-on video with multiple scenes, a lot more cutaways, fades, everything. I used pretty much every piece of equipment I owned. This video took about a month to shoot and edit. The biggest challenges I faced with this shoot were timing and memory card space. Timing because of my day job work schedule. I’m only able to shoot for a few hours in the evening or the weekend, which limits what I can do. I’ve had to work around a lot of that using lighting. Some of the scenes that look like indoor day shots were shot in the dead of the night. Memory card space has continued to plague me, because I only have a few cards that aren’t that big in size. I definitely need to invest in a few more that have bigger capacities.

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