Roscoe Umali – Never Fallin’ feat. Boogie Roc

This is the very first music video I ever shot, and edited. It is for an amazing artist out of California named Roscoe Umali. A few years back, Fingazz, the producer of the track posted the instrumental, along with the actual track, being that I had my own mini recording studio, I took the song, chopped it up, and wrote/recorded my own verse to the track. Then I decided to shoot a video for my verse. After shooting and editing my verse, I scoured the internet for some footage of Roscoe and came across a live show he did, so I ripped the video (EEEEEE, MY BAD), changed up the color, threw in some images, synced up the pre-existing video to the song, and added my part in. It’s really simplistic, and a somewhat decent attempt at my first try at shooting and editing a music video.

I forgot to mention that I shot the video part for my verse with a “Flip” style camera, a Kodak Zi8 to be exact. Here’s a picture of the camera.

The camera I used to shoot this video

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